Architecture & Fittings

Buttsbury Church is situated midway between Stock and Ingatestone and was built in the early 14th century. It is small; the nave and chancel combined, being only 28’ long and 21’ wide. There are two small aisles to the north and south and the complete ceiling has had the plaster removed, to show the oak beams.

The two doors are very old and the Tower is square and constructed of flint and stone.The north nave door has been carbon dated as 12th Century. You can view or download the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory report prepared by Dr M. C. Bridge FSA and Dr D. H. Miles FSA here.

There is one bell only which was cast in the 15th century, probably by Henry Jordan. Part of the floor is brick which came from the potteries of Stock and which hold two tombstones, dated 1680 and 1688.

Today the church stands alone and is surrounded by farmland and the ‘Wid’ valley. From the tower, seven church spires can be seen.

The candlesticks and Cross were designed by Laurence King and were blessed by the Bishop of Barking on May 3rd 1964.

The Church also has a very old Chalice for Holy Communion, which was made in 1563 and a Paten, made in 1559. In recent years, the Church has also been presented with a further beautiful modern chalice.